Swamp Angel

Ethel Wilson tells the story of Maggie Lloyd, as she begins to rebuild her life and her self-esteem after a second failed marriage.

Ethel Wilson

When Maggie Lloyd walks out on her second husband, she leaves Vancouver behind to find a fresh start at a fishing lodge in the B.C. interior. As she begins to rebuild her life and her self-esteem, she finds herself drawn to others who also need to heal deep wounds. Ethel Wilson's perceptive novel is a quiet celebration of friendship and compassion, and is full of richly drawn characters.

For her contribution to Canadian literature, Wilson was presented with the Canada Council Medal in 1961 and the Lorne Pierce Medal of the Royal Society of Canada in 1964.

From the book

A first meeting. A meeting in the desert, a meeting at sea, meeting in the city, meeting at night, meeting at a grave, meeting in the sunshine beside the forest, beside water. Human beings meet, yet the meetings are not the same. Meeting partakes in its very essence not only of the persons but of the place of meeting. And that essence of place remains, and colours, faintly, the association, perhaps forever.

From Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson ©1954. Published by New Canadian Library.