Super Important Filipina Thoughts

A poetry collection by Alia Ceniza Rasul.

Alia Ceniza Rasul

Super Important Filipina Thoughts is a collection of hilariously irreverent poetry by Filipina comedian, Alia Ceniza Rasul. The collection reflects Rasul's musings on identity, family, navigating relationships and friendships, and growing up Filipina. There is more than one poem about suman. (From ANAK Publishing)

Alia Ceniza Rasul is an artist, producer, comedian, performer and writer from Toronto. She is a member of the comedy troupe the Tita Collective.

Interviews with Alia Ceniza Razul

When comedy writer Alia Ceniza Rasul started to getting writer's block, she took to Instagram to upload her hilarious and irreverant poetry. Those same poems have come together as part of her new poetry book. "Super Important Filipina Thoughts" tackles identity, food, cultural collision, relationships and much more. 11:31

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2 years ago
A group of Filipina women are letting you know that the elder women in their community are hilarious — and wise. Filmmaker and correspondent: April Aliermo 4:01

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