Such a Lonely, Lovely Road

Such a Lonely, Lovely Road is a novel by Kagiso Lesego Molope.

Kagiso Lesego Molope

Kabelo Mosala has been the perfect child, bright and attractive. In his small South African community, it is expected that he will return after university to join his father's medical practice. But all the while Kabelo and his schoolmate Sediba have harboured a strong mutual attraction that dare not show itself in the open. As they mature into young adulthood, and Kabelo becomes a doctor, they form a strong romantic relationship of intermittent secret encounters. But Kabelo is torn between his love for Sediba and his responsibility to his family and community. Can he return, openly declare his gay relationship, and yet serve his people who need him, at a time when young people are increasingly succumbing to the ravages of AIDS? 

In this tender love story, in her characteristic, beautifully modulated voice, with razor-sharp clarity Kagiso Lesego Molope tackles an urgent issue in her country of birth. (From Mawenzi House)

From the book

It's confusing, you know, to feel on the one hand sad and sorry that someone you love is dead, and then on the other hand utterly relieved. Since I am many different things, many different men, I suppose there's bound to be confusion here and there. So, sorry and relieved is what I felt when, that cold morning in May, Sediba, my former lover, phoned to tell me that my father had died suddenly, without warning.

I had been dreaming about him — my lover, not my father — and longing for him more than my body could stand. One minute he was in the dream with me and the next I was crawling across the bed on my stomach to pick up the phone, pushing back the pain when I noticed as I did every morning that the bed was too large and too empty.

From Such a Lonely, Lovely Road by Kagiso Lesego Molope ©2018. Published by Mawenzi House.



Kagiso Lesego Molope talks to Shelagh Rogers about her new novel, Such a Lonely Lovely Road. 15:38

Author Kagiso Lesego Molope, novel debut in Canada

3 years ago
Kagiso Lesego Molope might be the best kept secret in Ottawa's literary community. The Canadian debut of her coming-of-age novel 'This Book Betrays My Brother' brings together many social issues, not only in her home country of South Africa, but all over the world. Themes of class and race, young love, desire and sexuality captures the essence of the current #MeToo moment. Watch Adrian Harewood's interview on Our Ottawa. 8:42

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