Strangers is the story of a young man, his return to his First Nations community and his struggle to save the place he loves.

David A. Robertson

When Cole Harper is compelled to return to Wounded Sky First Nation, he finds his community in chaos: a series of shocking murders, a mysterious illness ravaging the residents and reemerging questions about Cole's role in the tragedy that drove him away 10 years ago. With the aid of an unhelpful spirit, a disfigured ghost and his two oldest friends, Cole tries to figure out his purpose and unravel the mysteries he left behind a decade ago. Will he find the answers in time to save his community? (From Portage & Main Press)

Strangers is the first novel in the Reckoner series by award–winning writer David A. Robertson. The two follow-up books are Ghosts and Monsters.

From the book

"You're simply not going back there. Ever." Auntie Joan's teeth gritted like she might turn them into powder. "It's not even a consideration." She took another, longer sip of her coffee.

"And what if it is about a memorial?" his grandma asked.

"Mother!" Auntie Joan hissed and stood up from the couch.

"Well, don't you think it might help Cole to face that, Joan?"

For a moment, Cole may as well have not been in the room. His grandmother and his auntie were in a full-on stare down.

"It'll help if he never goes back there, and you know it," Auntie Joan said to his grandmother. "He is not going back there." She turned to him and said, "You are not going back here," as if he hadn't heard her say it the first time.

"I think we should at least consider —" his grandmother started.

"And who's going to pay for it, huh?" Auntie Joan went into the kitchen and dumped her coffee out, only so she could slam the cup into the kitchen sink. "I work these shifts just to pay for rent and food. Do you know who much it costs to fly there?"

"And how much would you pay for Cole to heal?" his grandmother asked.

From Strangers by David A. Robertson ©2017. Published by Portage & Main Press.

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