Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor is a poetry collection by Anne Simpson.

Anne Simpson

All of us are many selves within our lifetimes — one that is thrust upon us at birth, shaped during youth, and reconstructed throughout our lives. Who is this self? Who is this self in relation to others? In the coming-to-be of childhood or in the midst of illness, we face an unknown self within the one that is known. Even after death, we appear as fluid as water in the memories of those who knew us best. Strange Attractor reveals our multiple, shifting selves with power and tenderness, as if Simpson were showing us how to shed our skins. (From McClelland & Stewart)

Strange Attractor is available in Sept. 2019.

Anne Simpson is the author of four other collections of poetry: Light Falls Through You, Loop, Quick and Is. She won the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2004 for Loop.