Stones for My Father

Trilby Kent's young adult novel won the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award in 2012.

Trilby Kent

Corlie Roux's family is struggling to make ends meet on their farm in South Africa after her father dies. But everything gets worse when the British invade and the Boer War breaks out. They must flee, and may never be able to return home again. Stones for My Father won the 2012 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award.

Stones for My Father is for readers ages 10 and up.

From the book

I thought of Sipho, of Lindiwe and her little girls. Where were they now? Had they been vaccinated, given ration cards, and assigned to a bell-tent like ours?

I swallowed, struck by a more pressing question: was Sipho even alive? If the khakis found him guilty of murder, how long would they wait to execute him? I imagined my friend standing before a judge, struggling to understand the soldiers' halting Dutch, and I wondered if anybody would try to defend him. I resolved to pray for him every day, harder than I'd prayed for anyone since Pa was sick. It was all I could do now.

From Stones for My Father by Trilby Kent ©2011. Published by Tundra Books.