A book of poetry by Lucy Haché.

Lucy Haché, illustrated by Michael Joyal

In this second installation of the Overhead Series, Lucy Haché once again transports the reader with intimate revelations on identity by exploring her personal and ancestral relationship with the sky and stars. Haché's prose is extraordinary in its combination of self-awareness, unselfconscious honesty and skillful restraint, creating a sense of connection under the vastness of the stars above. Masterfully illustrated by artist Michael Joyal, his evocative astronomic drawings contribute to the overall sensory and transcendent experience. (From At Bay Press)

From the book

The light is not a burden. 
It's a gift.
It has been running through us for millennia, 
upon millennia,
upon millennia.
When I am overflowing with emptiness yet feel like I will burst apart, 
like every particle of my being is begging to return to the night sky, 
I will remember the strength of my mother,
I will feel that strength wrap around me.
Holding all the little bits of light together.
I will continue to shine like them.

From Stars by Lucy Haché ©2018. Published by At Bay Press.

An illustration by Michael Joyal in the poetry collection Stars by Lucy Haché. (Michael Joyal/At Bay Press)