Spectral Evidence

A collection of horror stories by Gemma Files.

Gemma Files

An embittered blood-servant plots revenge against the vampires who own him; a little girl's best friend seeks to draw her into an ancient, forbidden realm; two monster-hunting sisters cross paths with an amoral holler-witch again and again, battling both mortal authorities and immortal predators. From the forgotten angels who built the cosmos to the reckless geniuses whose party drug unleashes a plague, madness, monsters and murder await at every turn. And in The Speed of Pain, sequel to the International Horror Guild award-winning story The Emperor's Old Bones, we find that even those who can live forever can't outrun their own crimes… (From Journalstone)

From the book

War zone archaeology is the best kind, Hynde liked to say when drunk — and Goss couldn't disagree, at least in terms of ratings. The danger, the constant threat, was a clarifying influence, lending everything they did an extra meaty heft. Better yet, it was the world's best excuse for having to wrap real quick and pull out ahead of the tanks, regardless of whether or not they'd actually found anything.

The site for their latest TV special was miles out from anywhere else, far enough from the border between Eritrea and the Sudan that the first surveys missed it — first, second, third, fifteenth, until updated satellite surveillance finally revealed minute differences between what local experts could only assume was some sort of temple and all the similarly coloured detritus surrounding it. It didn't help that it was only a few clicks (comparatively) away from the Meroitic pyramid find in Gebel Barkal, which had naturally kept most "real" archaeologists too busy to check out what the f— that low-lying, hill-like building lurking in the middle distance might or might not be.

From A Wish From a Bone in Spectral Evidence by Gemma Files ©2018. Published by Journalstone.