So Much Love

Rebecca Rosenblum's novel explores the complexity of love and the power of the stories that shape our lives.

Rebecca Rosenblum

When a young woman named Catherine Reindeer vanishes without a trace from her small town, those who know her are left to cope with her absence. Moving back and forth from her outer circle of acquaintances to her closest intimates, Rebecca Rosenblum's first novel reveals how the lives of those left behind can be overturned in the wake of an unexplained disappearance. But at the heart of the novel is Catherine's own surprising story of resilience and recovery.

When a final devastating loss after months of captivity forces her to make a bold decision, she is unprepared for everything that follows her dramatic escape. Woven throughout are stories about a local female poet who was murdered decades earlier, a woman whose life and work become a lifeline for Catherine during her darkest hours — and who may ultimately hold the key to Catherine's quest to find solace in the aftermath of unimaginable tragedy. So Much Love is a haunting novel of longing and loss, the necessity of bearing witness and how the stories we tell have the power to shape our lives. (From McClelland & Stewart)