Small Claims

Andrew Kaufman tells the story of a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis who seeks meaning in a small claims court.

Andrew Kaufman

In this new novel by ReLit Award–winning, Leacock Award–nominated writer Andrew Kaufman, Charlie eschews the usual avenues of mid-life crisis — sports cars, mistresses — and instead seeks meaning in the least likely of places: small claims court. There, he struggles to understand what's gone wrong in his marriage, his career as a writer and his relationship with his two young children. With small observations, subtle investigations and the constant pursuit of small-scale justice, Charlie attempts to rebuild his faith in humanity through the framework of a court system that won't let you sue for damages above $20,000. This is Andrew Kaufman minus the magic realism and with a big dose of tenderness for the frailties of the heart. (From Invisible Publishing)