Sludge Utopia

A novel by Catherine Fatima.

Catherine Fatima

Using her compulsive reading as a lens through which to bring coherence to her life, 25-year-old Catherine engages in a series of sexual relationships, thinking that desire is the key to a meaningful life. Yet, with each encounter, it becomes more and more clear: desire has no explanation; desire bears no significance.

From an intellectual relationship with a professor, a casual sexual relationship, to a serious love affair, to a string of relationships that takes Catherine from Toronto to France and Portugal and back again, Sludge Utopia presents, in highly examined, raw detail, the perspective of a young woman's punishing though intermittently gratifying sexuality and profound internalized misogyny, which causes her to bring all of life's events under sexuality's prism. (From Book*hug)

From the book

This week, I presented a paper in Helena's class on Nancy's L'Intrus that was a joy to write. It was about health (avoidance of contamination), illness (the contaminated subject working in collusion with the harmful intruding substance), and fitness, the ability, necessary for life, to seamlessly incorporate foreign objects while identifying what within the self must be extruded to make its place. Writing is revealing, and I am in a place to reveal coherent things.

From Sludge Utopia by Catherine Fatima ©2018. Published by Book*hug.