Sleeping in the Ground

A crime novel by Peter Robinson.

Peter Robinson

Detective Superintendent Alan Banks is called in to lead the investigation after a shocking mass murder occurs during a wedding outside a small church in the Yorkshire Dales. An exhaustive manhunt ensues and the shooter is run to ground as the investigation follows its inevitable course.

But Banks, his colleague DI Annie Cabbot and the newest and youngest team member DI Gerry Masterson, are plagued by doubts as to exactly what happened in the churchyard that day and why. Have they apprehended the right suspect? Is there more to uncover? Struggling with the death of an old flame and the return of profiler Jenny Fuller, a former love interest, Banks is compelled to dig deeper into the suspect's past and motivations, and as he does, he uncovers forensic and psychological puzzles that lead him to long forgotten secrets. It's possible that eventually they'll provide the answers he is looking for, but will he piece together the clues in time? (From McClelland & Stewart)

From the book:

If the incident had been a scene in a film, it would have looked beautiful. The violence would have taken place in elegantly choreographed silence and slow motion. Perhaps it would have started with the wedding party milling around outside the picturesque country church, then the camera would zoom in on a rose of blood blossoming from the bride's white gown as she looks up, surprised, and floats serenely to the ground, arms reaching out, grasping for something too insubstantial to hold. She would toss her bouquet high in the air, pink and purple flowers against a backdrop of blue sky, and it would fall into the arms of a pretty bridesmaid. Then the bridesmaid's head would disintegrate. Strings of blood would snake through the air like drops of ink in water.

From Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson ©2017. Published by McClelland & Stewart.