Sigrene's Bargain With Odian by Zoë Landale

Sigrene's Bargain With Odian is a book by Zoë Landale.
The book cover with a neon blue drawing of a three on a black background
Sigrene's Bargain with Odin is an epic Norse mythology-inspired poem written by Zoë Landale. (Zoe Landale, Inanna Press)

Making a deal with Odin, the most powerful of the Norse gods, is a bad idea. Sigrene, who is considered one of the lowest of the low in Asgard, the Norse city of the gods, knows any dealings with Odin could get her killed, but after her friend is murdered, she is desperate to get justice for the girl.

When Sigrene learns the killer will be coming for her next, she's pushed into action. What can she sacrifice to persuade the Norns, the three Fates, to teach her to spin magic to uncover the murderer's name? Between Odin, the Valkyrie warriors and the dragon who gnaws on the roots of the World Tree, Sigrene makes powerful enemies at every level of the Norse Nine Realms. And every choice she makes leads her into more perilous places. No one alive has ever returned from the deepest of the Hel Realms: how can Sigrene?

This unique, epic poem explores little-known Norse mythology and pays special attention to form, sound, and imagery. Sigrene's Bargain with Odin contemplates the age-old quandary of where our loyalties lie, and how to act with integrity to find peace in a troubled world. (From Inanna Press)

When you can read it: Oct. 19, 2023 

Zoë Landale has published 10 books, edited two books, and her work appears in more than fifty anthologies. She taught for fifteen years as a faculty member in the Creative Writing Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver. Landale won the 2002 CBC Poetry Prize for Once a Murderer: Poems for Three Voices