She of the Mountains

Vivek Shraya's illustrated novel weaves a passionate, contemporary love story with a re-imagining of Hindu mythology.

Vivek Shraya

Two narratives intertwine in Vivek Shraya's debut novel. A re-imagining of the Hindu myth of creation weaves itself through a contemporary and passionate love story between a homosexual man and a woman. Both stories explore time, gender, otherness and the transforming nature of love. The book features 16 full-page colour illustrations by Montreal artist Raymond Biesinger.

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From the book

"If given the choice, we should stay here forever, sleeping. Pure and golden potential. But outside, they wait for us, sing to us, name us. They sculpt expectations we will not live up to, imagine medals we will not win, dream of highways we will not build, and hope for reformations we will not make."

Excerpted from She of the Mountains by Vivek Shraya ©2014. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

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