Shared Universe

Shared Universe is a poetry collection by Paul Vermeersch.

Paul Vermeersch

Paul Vermeersch has reinvented the "new and selected." Bringing together the very best of his poetry from the last quarter century with new and never-before-published works, Shared Universe is a sprawling chronicle of the dawn of civilizations, the riddles of 21st-century existence, and any number of glorious, or menacing, futures. Selected poetry collections are traditionally organized according to the books in which the poems first appeared, but these poems are arranged by prophecy and mythos, corresponding to the human (or trans-human) body, or as dictated by animal speech. In this universe, time is thematic instead of chronological, and space is aesthetic rather than voluminous. Here, alongside popular favourites, are recently unearthed gems and visionary new poems that reveal the books hidden within the books of one of Canada's most distinctive and imaginative poets. (From ECW Press)

Paul Vermeersch is a poet, artist and editor from Toronto.He currently teaches at Sheridan College. His other poetry collections include The Reinvention of the Human Hand and Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy.

Interviews with Paul Vermeersch

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Other books by Paul Vermeersch


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