Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy

A poetry collection by Paul Vermeersch.

Paul Vermeersch

It is the Third Millennium. The 20th century is a memory. Humans no longer walk on the moon. Passenger planes no longer fly at supersonic speeds. Disinformation overwhelms the legitimate news. The signs of our civilization's demise are all around us, but hope is not lost. In these poems, you will find a map through our dystopia and protection from all manner of monsters, both natural and human made.

Only the products of our imaginations — buildings and movies, daydreams and wondrous machines — can show us how to transform our lives. Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy is a survival guide for the Dark Age that lies ahead. (From ECW Press)

Interviews with Paul Vermeersch

Paul Vermeersch talks to Shelagh Roges his latest book of poetry, Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy 13:59