Secrets from My Vietnamese Kitchen

A cookbook by Kim Thúy.

Kim Thúy

Between careers as a lawyer and an acclaimed novelist, Kim Thúy ran a celebrated restaurant called Ru de Nam in Montreal. Now, in her first cookbook, Kim combines her beautiful storytelling style with simple and wonderful recipes that are full of flavour: surprising yet comforting, and easy enough for every day. Welcoming us into her close-knit circle, she introduces us to her mother and five aunts, each with her story, each with her secrets, told through the food of the country they had to leave, Vietnam. 

Starting with easily-prepared base ingredients of sauces, quick pickled vegetables and toasted rice flour, we move on to soups, sautés, vegetables, grilled foods, desserts and more. Sample recipes include: Stuffed Squash Soup; Vermicelli Bowls; Caramel Pork; Calamari, Pork and Pineapple Stir-fry; Fried Lemongrass Fish; and Vietnamese Tapioca and Banana. Also, in collaboration with sommelier Michelle Bouffard, Kim suggests wine pairings for these Vietnamese dishes. 

Kim says that Vietnamese often display their affection more easily with food than with words. This exquisite book deliciously demonstrates that every meal is an opportunity to show love, and to be grateful for those who sit down to eat with us. (From Penguin Random House)

Why Kim Thúy wrote a cookbook

"My mother has five sisters and two brothers — and they have all raised me in one way or the other. They have been by my side from the beginning because we share the same house the same cuisine, the same table, the same everything. Even though each of us had our own cuisine, we still ate together every day. Eating is not about eating: it's about sharing stories. It's about discussing and conversing.

Eating is not about eating: it's about sharing stories.- Kim Thúy

"It's easy to share with Vietnamese cuisine because we put everything in in the middle of the table. The number of guests is never considered. It doesn't matter how many guests. You can be invited only as a couple and then you can come with two other friends or five other friends and you can just sit down."

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Interviews with Kim Thúy

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