Scotty is a nonfiction book by Ken Dryden.

Ken Dryden

Scotty Bowman is recognized as the best coach in hockey history and one of the greatest coaches in all of sports. He won more games and more Stanley Cups than anyone else. Remarkably, despite all the changes in hockey, he coached at the very top for more than four decades, his first Cup win and his last an astonishing 39 years apart. Yet perhaps most uniquely, different from anyone else who has ever lived or ever will again, he has experienced the best of hockey continuously since he was 14 years old. With his precious standing room pass to the Montreal Forum, he saw "Rocket" Richard play at his peak every Saturday night. He saw Gordie Howe as a 17-year-old just starting out. He scouted Bobby Orr as a 13-year-old in Parry Sound, Ont. He coached Guy Lafleur and Mario Lemieux. He coached against Wayne Gretzky. For the past decade, as an advisor for the Chicago Blackhawks, he has watched Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Connor McDavid. He has seen it all up close

In Scotty, Ken Dryden has given his coach a new test: Tell us about all these players and teams you've seen, but imagine yourself as their coach. Tell us about their weaknesses, not just their strengths. Tell us how you would coach them and coach against them. And then choose the top eight teams of all time, match them up against one another in a playoff series, and, separating the near-great from the great, tell us who would win. And why. (From Penguin Random House Canada)

Ken Dryden is also the author of The Game and Game Change.

Interviews with Ken Dryden

'How do you most celebrate a game is by ensuring its future. This is the opportunity now'

4 years ago
Duration 9:39
Ken Dryden, NHL Hall of Fame goaltender and former Liberal MP, discusses his latest book 'Game Change,' which chronicles the life and death of Steve Montador, and how the NHL must come to terms with the impact of concussions

Scotty Bowman's Order of Canada

10 years ago
Duration 0:26
Legendary NHL coach Scotty Bowman talks about how the Order of Canada compares with his other achievements.

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