Scotiabank Giller Prize winner Sean Michaels announces 2nd novel, The Wagers

The Wagers follows the double life of Theo Potiris, a grocer at his family's shabby supermarket and a comedian who never tells the same joke twice. The novel will be published on Sept. 24, 2019.

The Wagers will be published on Sept. 24, 2019.

The Wagers is a novel by Sean Michaels. (Julie Artacho, Random House Canada)

Sean Michaels, who won the 2014 Scotiabank Giller Prize with his first novel, Us Conductorshas announced the details of his second novel, The Wagerswhich will be released on Sept. 24, 2019.

The novel, published by Random House Canada, follows a Montreal grocer named Theo Potiris who works at his family's shabby supermarket by day and bikes to open mic nights at night, never telling the same joke twice.

After 15 years of waiting for his big break, and as his girlfriend looks for enlightenment on the other side of the world with a very rich man, Theo's life takes an abrupt turn and he finds himself in a magical version of Montreal — one filled with gamblers, peacocks and thieves of luck.

"There's a book within the book, about saints and farmland. There are detectives and stand-up comedians, late-night diners and sand dunes. Also: moonlight. A Rihanna song. A billionaire who has maybe found nirvana," Michaels described on Twitter.

Michaels is a music critic who founded the popular blog Said the Gramophone. His writing has appeared in the Guardian, McSweeney's, Rolling Stone, the Walrus and the Globe and Mail.

Michaels was born in Scotland and grew up in Ottawa. He has lived mainly in Montreal, with stays in Edinburgh and Kraków.


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