Samra Zafar's memoir A Good Wife optioned by Pier 21 Films

Samra Zafar's memoir A Good Wife describes her experience with abuse and moving to Canada to marry a man she had never met at the age of 17.
A Good Wife is a nonfiction book by Samra Zafar. (, HarperCollins)

The film and television rights to Samra Zafar's memoir A Good Wife have been optioned by Toronto-based production firm Pier 21 Films.

At 15, Zafar learned that, instead of going to university as she dreamed, she would be getting married to a man 11 years her senior. She moved from Pakistan to Canada at 17 and spent 10 years in an abusive relationship before she was able to get away.

Zafar is now an award-winning speaker and scholar.

She told The Next Chapter in May that she tells her story to support those who have been silenced.

"There are so many in this world who are still trapped and who will continue to be unless we change things, unless we speak up," said Zafar.

"The reason I am raising my voice and breaking the silence is for the millions of silences that are still waiting to be broken."

Pier 21 Films is behind projects like The Beaverton and Da Vinci's Inquest.

You can listen to Zafar's conversation with Shelagh Rogers below:

Samra Zafar talks to Shelagh Rogers about the memoir she wrote with Meg Masters, A Good Wife: Escaping the Life I Never Chose. 18:17


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