Alice Munro's Runaway is a collection of eight short stories. The book won the 2004 Giller Prize.

Alice Munro

The incomparable Alice Munro's bestselling and rapturously acclaimed Runaway is a book of extraordinary stories about love and its infinite betrayals and surprises. In Munro's hands, the people she writes about — women of all ages and circumstances, and their friends, lovers, parents, and children — become as vivid as our own neighbours. It is her miraculous gift to make these stories as real and unforgettable as our own. (From Penguin Canada)

Runaway won the Giller Prize in 2004.

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From the book

For five years Robin had been doing this. One play every summer. It had started when she was living in Stratford, training to be a nurse. She went with a fellow student who had a couple of free tickets from her aunt, who worked on costumes. The girl who had the tickets was bored sick — it was King Lear — so Robin had kept quiet about how she felt. She could not have expressed it anyway — she would rather have gone away from the theater alone, and not had to talk to anybody for at least twenty-four hours. Her mind was made up then to come back. And to come by herself.

From Runaway by Alice Munro ©2004. Published by Penguin Canada. 

Author interviews

Alice Munro turns 85 on July 10, 2016. Over the hears, she's been interviewed by the CBC many times. 2:04
Alice Munro on Writers & Company (1990) 55:03
In celebration of Alice Munro's 85th birthday, a rare conversation with Canada’s first winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. In this interview from 2004, Eleanor speaks with Munro about her Giller Prize-winning collection of short stories, "Runaway." 52:46

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