Rue des Rosiers

A novel by Rhea Tregebov.

Rhea Tregebov

Sarah is the youngest of the three Levine sisters. At twenty-five, she is rudderless, caught in a paralysis which keeps her from seizing her own life.

When Sarah is fired from her Toronto job, a chance stay in Paris opens her up to new direction and purpose.

But when she reads the writing on the wall above her local Metro subway station, "death to the Jews," shadows from childhood rise again. And as her path crosses that of Laila, a young woman living in an exile remote from the luxuries of 1980s Paris, Sarah stumbles towards to an act of terrorism that may realize her childhood fears.

In this new novel by the author of The Knife Sharpener's Bell, writing that is both sensual and taut creates a tightly woven, compelling narrative. (From Coteau Books)

Interviews with Rhea Tregebov

The Vancouver poet and fiction writer Rhea Tregebov on her novel Rue des Rosiers, based in part on a 1982 terrorist attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris.