Rising Like a Storm

A YA novel by Rising Like a Storm by Tanaz Bhathena.

Tanaz Bhathena

Hunted by the Sky ended with the death of King Lohar and Marjor Shayla is now Queen. Gul, the Star Warrior who, according to prophecy, will be the savior of magi and non-magi alike, is being hunted by Shayla's Sky Warriors. She and Cavas are safe for now, in the City of Tavan, protected by the Pashu King, Subodh, but it's only a matter of time before the magical golden bars protecting the city weaken and collapse. Already there are big gaps through which bounty hunters can slip, and the attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Gul and Cavas are still reeling from the deaths of not only the king, but also Cavas' father, and they carry their wounds separately.

But they must put aside their anger —and their guilt—to train together under Subodh and the Tavani women, the Legion of the Star Warrior. Together, they are the key to the new prophecy, two halves of a whole, but they're having trouble combining their powers successfully.

Gul is especially afraid of hurting Cavas with her death magic, given the destruction she unleashed in King Lohar's court. But when Cavas is captured in a brutal attack from Queen Shayla, Gul must come to terms with her powers and seek to unite a fractured kingdom against its malevolent ruler. (From Penguin Teen)

Tanaz Bhathena is a YA author who was born in India, raised in Saudi Arabia and currently based in Ontario. She is the author of YA books such as A Girl Like That and The Beauty of the Moment.

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