Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption

A book by former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper

The world is in flux. Disruptive technologies, ideas and politicians are challenging business models, norms and political conventions everywhere. How we, as leaders in business and politics, choose to respond matters greatly. Some voices refuse to concede the need for any change, while others advocate for radical realignment. But neither of these positions can sustainably address the legitimate concerns of disaffected citizens.

Right Here, Right Now sets out a pragmatic, forward-looking vision for leaders in business and politics by analyzing how economic, social and public policy trends — including globalized movements of capital, goods and services, and labour — have affected our economies, communities and governments. Stephen Harper contends that Donald Trump's surprise election and governing agenda clearly signal that political, economic and social institutions must be more responsive to legitimate concerns about public policy, market regulation, immigration and technology.

Urging readers to look past questions of style and gravitas, Harper thoughtfully examines the substantive underpinnings of how and why Donald Trump was able to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States, and how these forces are manifesting themselves in other western democracies. Analyzing international trade, market regulation, immigration, technology and the role of government in the digital economy, Harper lays out the case for pragmatic leadership as a proven solution to the uncertainty and risk that businesses and governments face today. (From Signal)