Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book

A book inspired by Rick Mercer's hit CBC show, The Rick Mercer Report.

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer Report: The Book was the publishing phenom of 2007, hogging the top of the bestseller lists. Prime ministers' memoirs came and went, and RMR outstayed them all. And now it's back — bigger and better and funnier than ever.

Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book is an updated, expanded remix of its bestselling predecessor, containing 10,000 words of new material from the show's fifth season.

Rick's celebrated rants are some of the sharpest political commentary to be found anywhere in the country's media, and certainly the funniest. They are featured here, along with other moments from the show — including encounters with Conrad Black, Jean Chrétien and Anne Murray — and many additional pieces, some of which first appeared on his website. Because when he's not jumping into a lake with David Suzuki or Bob Rae, or helping the leader of the Green Party kill a tree, Rick Mercer likes to relax by blogging. From Kabul, say. Or the bearpit of a leadership convention.

Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book will help you make sense of five extraordinary years in the life of Canada - or at least laugh despite them. (From Anchor Canada)

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From the book

In a minority government timing is everything. And when a minority government looks like it's teetering on the brink of collapse, whether actually or imagined, orchestrated or not, you can rest assured that once the structural flaws are exposed a chorus of pundits will start to sing: "Canadians just aren't in the mood for an election." Personally, I am always in the mood for an election — but that's a character flaw of mine. Most hockey fans would be happy with back-to-back play offs, and that is pretty much the way I feel about elections.

Bring 'em on. It takes ten minutes to vote, folks, and the results are always worth it.

From Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book by Rick Mercer ©2008. Published by Anchor Canada.

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