Gordon Korman's young adult novel is about a former bully struggling to live a better life after he loses his memory in an accident.

Gordon Korman

Chase Ambrose forgets everything after falling off a roof and losing consciousness. He forgets his name. He forgets his parents. He forgets what he was doing up there on that roof. And he forgets that he's the biggest bully at Hiawassee Middle School, along with his two best buddies Aaron and Bear.

Chase is shocked to learn how he bullied and tormented kids at school. He ruined lives. One kid left town because of him. And worst of all, even his little half-sister is terrified of him. Was he really such a monster? Determined to reinvent himself, Chase joins video club and befriends some of the kids who used to consider him a number-one enemy.

But some people aren't so quick to forgive and forget. Can Chase really change who he is? Or will the old him merely come back over time? (From Scholastic Canada)

From the book

I remember falling.

At least I think I do. Or maybe that's just because I know I fell.

The grass is far away — until it isn't anymore. Somebody screams.

Wait — it's me.

I brace for impact, but it never comes. Instead, everything just stops. The sun goes out. The world around me disappears. I'm being shut down like a machine.

Does this mean I'm dead? 


From Restart by Gordon Korman ©2017. Published by Scholastic Press.

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