ReLit Awards announce 2015 "long shortlist"

The ReLit Awards celebrate the best in Canadian literature published by independent presses.
From left to right: Jon Paul Fiorentino, Lee Maracle, Ken Babstock (From left to right: Rachael Simpson, Lee Maracle, Canadian Press)

The ReLit Awards have unveiled their 2015 long shortlists in three categories: novel, poetry and short fiction.

The prize is awarded to the best of Canadian literature published by independent presses. To be eligible, authors must be Canadian and they must have written the nominated book while living in the country.

The winners of each category will be announced in mid-January. Winners receive the ReLit Ring, which is comprised of four moveable dials that each have the alphabet engraved on them. The ring was designed by Newfoundland jewellery designer Christopher Kearney.

Here are the titles long-shortlisted for the 2015 ReLit Award:

Category: Novel

  • North East by Wendy McGrath
  • Motion Sickness by Ursula Pflug
  • Pedal by Chelsea Rooney
  • Savour by Jackie Bateman
  • Celia's Song by Lee Maracle
  • Walt by Russell Wangersky
  • Polyamorous Love Song by Jacob Wren
  • Jazz by Elizabeth Copeland
  • Motherwild by Ken Rivard
  • Just Beneath My Skin by Darren Greer
  • My Grandmother's Pill by Lisa Pike
  • Hysteric by Nelly Arcan
  • The Green Hotel by Jesse Gilmour
  • The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman
  • New Tab by Guillaume Morissette
  • Bunny and Shark by Alisha Piercy
  • Barker by Wayne Tefs
  • The First Principles of Dreaming by Beth Goobie
  • Carafola by Christine Miscione
  • Universal Bureau of Copyrights by Bertrand Laverdure
  • Mr. Jones by Margaret Sweatman

Category: Poetry

  • On Malice by Ken Babstock
  • Easy Fix by Blair Trewartha
  • Mavor's Bones by Rolli
  • Yaw by Dani Couture
  • Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths by Susan Paddon
  • Open Letter: Woman Against Violence Against Women by Sheri-D Wilson
  • Broom Broom by Brecken Hancock
  • When We Were Old by Peter Unwin
  • House Dreams by Deanna Young
  • After Words by Stan Rogel
  • School by Jen Currin
  • In the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci by Jeffrey Round
  • The Scarborough by Michael Lista
  • M x T by Sina Queyras
  • Thou by Aisha Sasha
  • Poems Suitable to Current Material Conditions by Frank Davey

Category: Short Fiction

  • What I Want to Tell Goes Like This by Matt Rader
  • Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome by Megan Gail
  • Coles Hello, Sweetheart by Elaine McCluskey
  • Boundary Problems by Greg Bechtel
  • I Am Currently Working on a Novel by Rolli
  • The Gift of Women by George McWhirter
  • I'm Not Scared of You or Anything by Jon Paul Fiorentino
  • Nothing Looks Familiar by Shawn Syms
  • We Don't Listen to Them by Sean Johnston
  • Paradise & Elsewhere by Kathy Page
  • How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? by Doretta Lau
  • Some Extremely Boring Drives by Marguerite Pigeon
  • How You Were Born by Kate Cayley
  • Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen Marshall
  • By the Book by Diane Schoemperlen


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