A play by Sean Harris Oliver and Raes Calvert.

Raes Calvert & Sean Harris Oliver

Private Jonathan Woodrow is a young Indigenous soldier fighting on the Western Front during World War I. Thanks to his experience in hunting and wilderness survival, he quickly becomes one of the 1st Canadian Division's most feared trench raiders. But as the war and the fighting stretch on with no end in sight, Woodrow begins to realize that he will never go home again. Shedding overdue light on the Indigenous contribution to Canada's Great War effort, Redpatch was a finalist for the Playwright Guild of Canada's 2017 Carol Bolt award. (From Talonbooks)

From the book

Scene Four

A beach on Vancouver Island. Summer 1914.

RAVEN: Kra. Kra-kraa!

Half-Blood picks up a stone and throws it way out into the ocean.
She Rides Between watches her grandson.

SHE RIDES BETWEEN: So... you want to be brave, do you?

HALF-BLOOD: I want to be a warrior.


HALF-BLOOD: Everyone's going. Even Frankie Thompson signed up. And Frankie's got a lazy eye!

SHE RIDES BETWEEN: If everyone decided to light their hair on fire, would you?

HALF-BLOOD: Depends on how cold it was outside.

SHE RIDES BETWEEN: Ha! So you're a trickster then? Just like Raven?


From Redpatch by Sean Harris Oliver & Raes Calvert ©2019. Published by Talonbooks.