Red River Resistance

A graphic novel by Katherena Vermette.

Katherena Vermette, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson, colouring by Donovan Yaciuk.

Picking up where Pemmican Wars left off, Red River Resistance sees Echo Desjardins adjusting to her new home, finding friends and learning about Métis history. One ordinary afternoon in class, Echo finds herself transported through time to the banks of the Red River in the summer of 1869. All is not well in the territory, as Canadian surveyors have arrived and Métis families, who have lived there for generations, are losing access to their land. As the Resistance takes hold, Echo fears for her friends and the future of her people in the Red River Valley. (From Portage and Main Press)


Author Katherena Vermette brought along her baby girl Ruby when she dropped by our studio in Toronto to take The Next Chapter's Proust questionnaire. 4:35
Katherena Vermette on her debut graphic novel, the first in the series A Girl Called Echo. 12:55

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