Radioland by Matt Cahill

A thriller set in the Toronto music world.

A thriller set in the Toronto music world

Music, fame and magic weave through Matt Cahill's mesmerizing and eerie new literary thriller Radioland. A series of murders are being whispered about in Toronto — a serial killer is prowling bars and nightclubs, searching for prey.

Perhaps it is Kris, a troubled musician whose band has finally made it big when his life collapses around him. Perhaps it is Jill, a sensitive outcast with dangerous magic that calls strangers to her.

As Kris and Jill struggle to make their way, each dealing with their own difficult past, a chance encounter puts them into contact.

Slowly they begin to share their stories, learning more about each other and eventually about the danger that stalks them both. (From Buckrider Books)

Matt Cahill is a Toronto writer and psychotherapist. Cahill's debut novel, The Society of Experience, was published in 2015. His short stories have appeared with Found Press, The Quarantine Review and Fusion Fragment.

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