Rachel Poliquin and Angela Misri win Atlantic Canada's Hackmatack Children's Choice Awards

Children across Atlantic Canada from Grades 4 to 6 chose the winners through a public vote.
Rachel Poliquin (left) and Angela Misri have won the 2021 Hackmatack Children's Choice Awards. (Michael Dee, Submitted to CBC by Angela Misri)

Rachel Poliquin and Angela Misri are the 2021 English-language winners of the Hackmatack Children's Choice Awards.

The winning titles are chosen by thousands of children in Grades 4 to 6 over the course of the school year. They read the 40 shortlisted titles (20 French and 20 English) and voted for their favourite in each category. The prizes are based in Atlantic Canada, but readers across the country can participate in the program.

Poliquin won the nonfiction prize for Beastly Puzzles, which is illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler.

Beastly Puzzles is about looking at animals closely and really thinking about why they have the parts that they do. It gives readers clues and asks them to guess the easily identifiable animal being described.

Poliquin is a writer and taxidermist from Vancouver. She is also the author of Beaver and The Breathless Zoo. 

Misri's Pickles vs. the Zombies won the fiction category.

Pickles vs. the Zombies tells the story of a calico house cat whose world is turned upside down when humans succumb to the zombie apocalypse. Determined to find her missing "pet," the human child Connor, Pickles sets off to explore a world she has only seen through a window.

Misri is a Toronto journalist, author, educator and former CBC manager. Her previous work includes the children's series The Detective and the Spy.

Karine Gottot and Alexandra Larochelle won the French-language categories.

Gottot and Maxim Cyr won the The French nonfiction prize for Dragouilles 21: Les Vertes de Honolulu.

The book takes readers to Honolulu, where they can soak up the aloha spirit, strum the strings of a ukulele, learn to dance the hula and cook a bowl of poke.

Larochelle'sTrucs de peur tome 1: Perdues dans le noir by won French fiction category.

The book follows the story of half-sisters Mégane and Rosalie — who hate each other more than anything. When they are sent to spend a week with their grandmother, they will have to overcome their greatest fears and join forces to overcome their worst nightmares.

The program has been taking place since 1999. It is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Nova Scotia Department of Education and the New Brunswick Public Library Service.

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