Price Paid

Bev Sellars' personal take on the history of Indigenous rights in Canada addresses common myths and misconceptions.

Bev Sellars

Price Paid untangles truth from some of the myths about First Nations and addresses misconceptions still widely believed today.

The second book by award-winning author Bev Sellars, Price Paid is based on a popular presentation Sellars often told to treaty-makers, politicians, policymakers and educators.The book begins with glimpses of foods, medicines and cultural practices North America's Indigenous peoples have contributed to the rest of the world. It documents the dark period of regulation by racist laws during the twentieth century, and then discusses new emergence in the twenty-first century into a re-establishment of Indigenous land and resource rights. The result is a candidly told personal take on the history of Indigenous rights in Canada and Canadian history told from a First Nations point of view. (From Talonbooks)

Author interviews

Bev Sellars has written a memoir "They Called Me Number One" about the impact of residential school on three generations - herself, her mother and her grandmother. 29:29