Postscripts from a City Burning

A poetry collection by Sam Cheuk.

Sam Cheuk

How does one write a preemptive eulogy for their hometown, a transient metropolis arriving at its last stop? Composed over a span of three months, Postscripts from a City Burning reassembles the embers left behind by the 2019 Hong Kong protests (and ultimately failed coup), weaving nostalgia, loss, and possible redemption into a time capsule of diaristic verse, photographs, dramatic monologues, and historical testimony. At once angry, despondent and unflinching, Sam Cheuk's second full-length collection offers up a microcosmic prelude of a city's smouldering ruin among many in a world marching to the heartbeat of increasingly authoritarian impulses. (From Palimpsest Press)

Postscripts from a City Burning is available in September 2021.

Sam Cheuk immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong when he was in Grade 4. He is the author of Love Figures and has published poems in Canadian literary journals including Ricepaper Magazine. Cheuk is currently based in Toronto.

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