Poles Apart

Poles Apart is a comedic novel by Terry Fallis.

Terry Fallis

Eve of Equality, a new feminist blog, becomes an overnight sensation when a wildly popular talk show host stumbles upon it, tweets about it and promotes it on her show. The anonymous blog is intelligent, thoughtful and bold, brazenly taking on various injustices in the lives of women. But it's the blogger Eve's post about the controversial entrepreneur behind XY, a new chain of high-end strip clubs opening up across the country, that sets off a firestorm. In a matter of hours, the site crashes, its Twitter count jumps from a paltry 19 followers to nearly 250,000, and Eve is suddenly lauded as the new voice of modern feminism.

But who, exactly, is the Eve behind Eve of Equality? Well... not who you might think. Meet Everett Kane, aspiring writer and fervent feminist. He writes his erudite blog in his new apartment, at his kitchen table, and his life is about to change forever. (From Douglas Gibson Books)

From the book

Grounding your wedge in a bunker is normally a two-stroke penalty. But for my father, only one stroke was assessed — the one that caused him to drop his club in the first place and crumple to the sand with empty eyes. This is how the whole thing started.

"Wait, mom, you mean he just let go of his sand wedge in the middle of his shot and keeled over?" I asked.

"Sandwich? There was no sandwich involved. The doctor just told me he was swinging a golf club when it happened."

"Mom, a sand wedge is a golf... never mind. When did this happen?"

From Poles Apart by Terry Fallis ©2015. Published by Douglas Gibson Books.

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