Poem in My Pocket

A picture book by Chris Tougas, illustrated by Josée Bisaillon.

Chris Tougas, illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

In this charming picture book allegory of the creative writing process, happenstance and weather events symbolize the emotional ebb and flow of writing a poem. I had a poem in my pocket, but my pocket got a rip. Rhymes tumbled down my leg and trickled from my hip.

Thus begins the journey of a young poet's words out into the world, where they join randomly with other words to form funny riffs and puns all over a busy city street.

The child scrambles to capture the loose words and arrange them back into poem form, only to lose them again as a storm swoops in on a rushing wind. Eventually, the words plant themselves in the muddy ground, where they grow into something that might be even better than the original poem: a Poet-Tree. (From Kids Can Press)

Chris Tougas is a writer and illustrator from Victoria. His previous picture books include Mechanimals and Dojo Daycare. 

Josée Bisaillon is a Montreal artist and illustrator. 

From the book

A page from Poem in My Pocket by Chris Tougas, illustrated by Josée Bisaillon. (Kids Can Press)

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