Pirate's Passage

William Gilkerson's young adult novel won the Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature in 2006.

William Gilkerson

After strong winds force Captain Charles Johnson ashore, he stays at a small inn run by Jim's family. The longer the captain stays, the more connected Jim and his family become to him — and the more important he becomes to the success of the inn. But how much do they really know about the Captain? What is he hiding? A fun mystery and adventure tale, Pirate's Passage won the 2006 Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature. 

Pirate's Passage is for readers ages 12 and up.

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I watched him at his work, trying again to collect my thoughts regarding him, with no more success than any of the previous times I'd tried. Every time he started to make me believe something about himself, he would dispel it with a wink; on the instant I came to some judgment about him, he did something to shatter it. There was no question that he had blown me out of my personal doldrums, and the inn, too, and had become well regarded in Grey Rocks, and there was all of that. But I knew other sides of him. Aside from being a thief, at least a petty one, he was an actor beyond Meg's most fearsome suspicions — seldom a liar, but a master manipulator of the truth, and of people.

From Pirate's Passage by William Gilkerson ©2006. Published by Random House Canada.

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