Pewter Angels

Henry K. Ripplinger's Pewter Angels is the first book of The Angelic Letters series.

Henry K. Ripplinger

The summer of 1956 starts out like any other summer for 15-year-old Henry Pederson: hot, long and boring. That all changes when Jenny Sarsky and her family move into the house three doors down. From the moment their eyes meet, an earthly attraction unites their hearts while the spiritual energy traveling the length of the gaze they share joins their souls — spinning a web of love that transcends time and Heaven itself.

Mr. Engelmann, an endearing and wise mentor living out the word of God, comes into Henry's life, providing him with powerful insights and valuable life lessons that carry strength, wisdom and hope, making this story both a heart-wrenching romance and an uplifting journey of spiritual discovery.

Pewter Angels, the first book of "The Angelic Letters" series, starts Henry and Jenny and their families on an inspiring yet tumultuous journey through life's struggles, victories and the miracle of deep, enduring love. Their 50-year spiritual odyssey becomes an experience long remembered. (From Pio-Seelos Books)