Ian Williams book of poetry was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

Ian Williams

Jittery, plaintive, and fresh, the poems in Ian Williams' Personals are voiced through a startling variety of speakers who continually rev themselves up to the challenge of connecting with each other, often to no avail. Williams writes in traditional poetic forms: ghazals, a pantoum, blank sonnets, mock-heroic couplets. He also invents his own: poems that spin into indeterminacy, poems that don't end. With a deft hand and playful ear, Williams entices the reader to stumble alongside his characters as they search, again and again, for intimacy, for love, and for each other.

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From the book

One of us cuts a banana into cereal

with the edge of a spoon and the other reads the side

of the Bran Flakes box.

Might not look like love -- Might not love look like

this? No boy plunging headlong from the sky,

no star-shaped marshmallow.

But a kiss on the forehead,

the string of a banana still on the lip, goodbye.

From Personals by Ian Williams ©2012. Published by Freehand Books.

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Ian Williams

10 years ago
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