People You Follow

People You Follow is a book by Hayley Gene Penner.

Hayley Gene Penner

(Dundurn Press)

Hayley Gene Penner's memoir takes a brutally honest yet humorous look at the dark, intimate truths we spend our lives running from and the hidden side of the music industry. Like a map of beautiful fuck ups, Hayley's stories of questionable sexual encounters, artistic aspirations, and emotional abuse trace her coming of age in the music industry.

Hayley explores all her relationships — from her childhood as the daughter of a celebrity, to the destructive and coercive relationship with her boss, to the actor we all know but who mustn't be named — all brought together in a series of sharp, touching vignettes. People You Follow straddles the delicate boundary between ethical and unethical behaviour, self-protection and self-destruction, power and weakness, giddiness and despair. (From Dundurn)

People You Follow is available in July 2020.

Penner is a singer-songwriter who got her start performing with her father, Fred Penner. People You Follow is her first book.