Pass Me By

A graphic novel by Kyle Simmers & Ryan Owen.

Kyle Simmers & Ryan Owen

Pass Me By is queer, rural Canadian, romantic tragedy. A five book series following Ed, a reserved man recently diagnosed with dementia, living in a small northern Canadian town. As Ed's memory declines he loses touch with the present and spends more time in a past he chose to forget, touring with a glam rock band across Canada in the early 1970s. In this first book in the series, Gone Fishin' we are introduced to Ed as a retired man spending his time fishing and ordering the same dishes at the local diner with his close friend Rory. Rocked by a recent dementia diagnosis, Ed attempts to keep a semblance of a normal life. As his health worsens and daily routines become increasingly difficult, his panic begins to grow. Forgetting what he orders every day at the diner, disoriented by a grocery list, lost in familiar spaces, Ed's memories become a faded photograph of a past with the potential to disappear forever. (From Renegade Arts Entertainment)