Our Voice of Fire

Our Voice of Fire is a nonfiction book by Brandi Morin.

Brandi Morin

Book cover with an illustration of an Indigenous woman beating a drum.

Brandi Morin is known for her clear-eyed and empathetic reporting on Indigenous oppression in North America. She is also a survivor of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls crisis and uses her experience to tell the stories of those who did not survive the rampant violence.

From her time as a foster kid and runaway who fell victim to predatory men and an oppressive system to her career as an internationally acclaimed journalist, Our Voice of Fire chronicles Morin's journey to overcome enormous adversity and find her purpose, and her power, through journalism. This compelling, honest book is full of self-compassion and the purifying fire of a pursuit for justice. (From House of Anansi Press)

Interviews with Brandi Morin

After more than a decade of telling stories about the impact of violence of people and communities, journalist Brandi Morin is telling her own story. We speak with Brandi about her memoir that she hopes helps other people.
Brandi Morin is an award winning journalist who has been bringing Indigenous stories to life in her journalism for years. Right now she's covering the pope's historic visit. But recently she turned her journalistic gaze to her own life. She tells some of her story to host Shauna Powers.
Author Brandi Morin's new memoir explores surviving the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls crisis.

Tackling systemic racism in Canada

2 years ago
Duration 7:13
Brandi Morin speaks with CBC News about addressing systemic racism in Canada.


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