Ontological Necessities

Priscila Uppal's book of poetry was a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2007.

Priscila Uppal

Priscila Uppal explores identity, the nature of human relationships and the triggers for emotional responses in this surreal and bold collection. Moving, funny and revelatory.

Ontological Necessities was a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2007.

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From the book

When the monster was eighteen
she gave up smoking. Below the rock garden,
the buried remnants of her addiction

and the suspicion of a little extra stash
to screw the ecosystem. It was good
the shaking had ceased

fine to arrive at the realization of culpability
in the grand scheme of things. Love people,
hate others, leave notes in untidy places,
run over things in cars.

From "Eighteen" by Priscila Uppal, Ontological Necessities @2006. Published by Exile Editions.

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