One in Every Crowd

Ivan E. Coyote's collection of essays gives insight and reassurance to young LGBTQ youth grappling with their identity.

Ivan E. Coyote

Featured in the anthology It Gets Better, Ivan E. Coyote's One in Every Crowd is a collection of the author and gender nonconformist's autobiographical essays on life as an LGBTQ youth, its trials and tribulations, and its effects on adulthood. Often reaching back to talk to their younger selves, Coyote offers the reader insight into the lives of young adults confronting their sexuality, and reassurance for young LGBTQ youth grappling with being their true selves in a world that resists, and sometime attacks, their identity. One in Every Crowd also features stories on compassion and understanding from the family and friends that help us along the way.

One in Every Crowd is for readers ages 14 and up.

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From the book

Dear Kid I Was:

Hey there. It's me. I mean you. It is you/me, writing to me/you, from the future. We are almost forty-three, and I sure do wish there was a way for me to get this message from future me to past you, but so far, humankind hasn't invented anything like that yet, not that I know of, anyway, so all I can do is write this letter and put it in the front of this book, and just maybe it might help out some other poor kid who feels all alone, just like you and I did, way back when. I am hoping this letter might let them know that they are not the only one. Dear Every Kid Who Picks Up This Book: You are not the only one.

From One in Every Crowd by Ivan E. Coyote ©2012. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

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