One Day

One Day is a nonfiction book by Gene Weingarten.

Gene Weingarten

That Sunday between Christmas and New Year's turned out to be filled with comedy, tragedy, implausible irony, cosmic comeuppances, kindness, cruelty, heroism, cowardice, genius, idiocy, prejudice, selflessness, coincidence, and startling moments of human connection, along with evocative foreshadowing of momentous events yet to come. Lives were lost. Lives were saved. Lives were altered in overwhelming ways. Many of these events never made it into the news; they were private dramas in the lives of private people. They were utterly compelling.
One Day asks and answers the question of whether there is even such a thing as "ordinary" when we are talking about how we all lurch and stumble our way through the daily, daunting challenge of being human. (From Blue Rider Press)

Interviews with Gene Weingarten

Washington Post reporter Gene Weingarten says everyone has a story. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has now applied mantra to his new book, One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America. 23:45