One Brother Shy

Terry Fallis's novel follows a man tormented by an event from his youth, and the journey he finds himself on to learn about his identity.

Terry Fallis

Few people know the real Alex MacAskill. Most of the world sees a painfully and chronically shy software engineer in his mid-20s, soft-spoken, a bit of a loner and someone easy to escape notice wherever possible — and that's just the way Alex wants it. Because no matter how many years have passed, the incident known only as "Gabriel" in the MacAskill family is something that still haunts him.

But when his mother, one of the only people in the world who Alex felt comfortable as himself around, dies after a long illness, he suddenly has no choice but to face the very thing that he's been avoiding since that night in high school. In an instant, Alex finds himself trying to piece together the mystery of his identity and on a search for parts of his family he never knew existed — a search that takes him from Ottawa to London to Moscow, encountering along the way the KGB, painful memories from his past and even the 1972 Russian hockey team — a search that ultimately helps Alex discover himself. (From McClelland & Stewart)

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