On the Shoulders of Giants

An essay collection by Umberto Eco.

Umberto Eco

In this collection of essays we find Umberto Eco's perennial areas of interest explored in a lively and engaging style, accompanied by beautiful reproductions of the art he discusses. In these wide-ranging pieces he explores the roots of our civilization, changing ideas of beauty, our obsession with conspiracies and the emblematic heroes of the great narrative, amongst other fascinating topics.

Umberto Eco was one of the most influential, and entertaining, intellectuals of the last century, as well as being a critically acclaimed and bestselling writer of both fiction and non-fiction. (From Harvill Secker)

On the Shoulders of Giants is available in Nov. 2019.

Interviews with Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco

11 years ago
Duration 8:01
George interviews author Umberto Eco.
Umberto Eco on Writers & Company (1996)