Odd Man Out

Sarah Ellis's book won the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award in 2007.

Sarah Ellis

When Kip has to spend the summer at his grandmother's with his five female cousins, things don't look good. But when he discovers a binder kept by his late father when he was a kid, Kip discovers a weird and wonderful world, and gets to know his dad in a way he never expected. Odd Man Out won the 2007 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award.

Odd Man Out is for readers ages 9 and up.

From the book

Toward dawn there was a show about Mongolian yurts. Kip knew he had heard the word yurt, but if he had thought about it at all, which he couldn't remember doing, he would have said it had something to do with dairy products, like yogurt. In normal waking hours with a normal brain, he would have flipped right past an instructional documentary. But with jet-lag brain there was something soothing about watching three people building wooden supports to make the bones of a tent. There were many slow close-ups of hands slipping rafters onto a central ring. The builders were three silent men.

From Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis ©2006. Published by Groundwood Books.