Nuala: A Fable

This novel by Kimmy Beach is about a giant wooden puppet.

Kimmy Beach

As the Engine breathes life into Nuala, her gaze falls on Teacher-Servant, the chosen one. He alone will be able to hear her thoughts and interpret her emotions. But soon Teacher-Servant starts to worry that Nuala will be able to give away her thoughts freely. Set in an atypical dystopian world, Nuala is startlingly original and inventive, echoing the work of Margaret Atwood, José Saramago, and Kazuo Ishiguro. Beach's dark, fearless imagination has created a time and space that are at once remote and strange, but absorbing and deeply credible. Nuala leaves the reader with much to consider about the nature of love, possessiveness, jealousy, envy and autonomy. (From The University of Alberta Press)

From the book

She loves me the moment Seeing-Servant pulls the cables and opens her eyes for her. She is mine and I am hers.

She asks me, 'Why am I called only Nuala? I knew my name when I awoke, but why am I not called Nuala-Servant if you are called Teacher-Servant?' I tell her it is because she is not a Servant as I am. Nuala is 'She Who Is Served.'

She only woke yesterday. Today I shall give her all of her names so that she may become used to them. I shall call her Nuala, as she calls herself. I shall call her beloved. Little one. She will grow accustomed to me calling her when I want her attention. When I wish to teach her of her Giant nature.

From Nuala: A Fable by Kimmy Beach ©2017. Published by The University of Alberta Press.