Not Dark Yet

A novel by Peter Robinson.

Peter Robinson

The gruesome double-murder at an Eastvale property developer's luxury home should be an open and shut case for Superintendent Alan Banks and his team of detectives. There's a clear link to the notoriously vicious Albanian mafia, men who left the country suspiciously soon after the murder. When Banks and his team find a cache of spy-cam videos hidden in the house, Annie and Gerry's investigation pivots to another violent crime that could cast the murders in an entirely different light.

Meanwhile, Banks's friend Zelda, who is increasingly uncertain of her future in Britain's hostile environment, thinks she will be safer in Moldova hunting the men who enslaved her than she is Yorkshire or London. Her search takes her back to the orphanage where it all began. By stirring up the murky waters of the past, Zelda is putting herself in greater danger than ever before.

And as the threat to Zelda escalates, so does the danger for Banks and those who love her.. (From McClelland & Stewart)

Peter Robinson is a Canadian mystery writer. His books have won awards and have been translated into 20 languages. He's been called the master of the police procedural — and with the latest Inspector Banks novel Not Dark Yet, he's up to book number 27 in the popular series. 

Interviews with Peter Robinson

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