North End Love Songs

Katherena Vermette's collection of poetry won the Governor General's Literary Award in 2013.

Katherena Vermette

In North End Love Songs, Katherena Vermette's debut collection of poems, the young Métis/Mennonite poet pays tribute to Winnipeg's toughest and most notorious neighbourhood: the North End. She writes of its beauty and of the loss she experienced — her brother went missing there. These are gritty poems of spare but piercing intensity.

North End Love Songs won the Governor General's Literary Award for poetry in 2013.

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From the book


her friends sit
​at her living room
curtain pushed
to watch her brother
get into a car
they gawk in their
young girl way

they are
a lot younger than
they think they are
they giggle

she watches

From North End Love Songs by Katherena Vermette ©2013. Published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing.

Author interviews

Heart: by Katherena Vermette

7 years ago
Duration 2:44
Katherena Vermette knows her beloved neighbourhood in Winnipeg has a reputation for violence and racism, and the Governor General Award-winning Métis poet is using the power of words to change that. 2:44

More about this book

The Governor General's Award for fiction finalist pays tribute to her hometown in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 7:06